Saturday, December 15, 2007

And the winner is...

Today we held the Yarn Basket Drawing at Marin Fiber Arts. Here's the video:

The winner is Sue M. from Camarillo, CA! Congratulations Sue, we will be sending a package your way soon!

We also want to recognize all the generous contributors on-line to Knitters for Critters:

Christine W.
, Redwood City, CA
Martha H., Chevy Chase, MD
Cynthia S., Killeen, TX
Patricia E., Wayne, ME
Theresa B., Los Angeles, CA
Bonnie Jo C., Berkeley, CA
Karen R.
Birdsong S.
Cathy L. from New York, NY
Sue, Rohnert Park, CA

It's great to see the contributors coming from all across the country.

Update on our fundraising:
we have raised a confirmed $942.75. We hope that we will sell some more ornaments in the coming days, but we have already exceeded our expectations!

Thank you knitters, donators, and all who have made contributions to this project!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Yarn Basket Donations are growing

We now have $335 in yarn basket donations and they're still coming in. (That makes a total of $737.75 raised before we find out how much the ornaments at one church raised this weekend!)

Two more skeins of sock yarn were added to the yarn basket since its original posting including a skein of MamaE C*EYE*Ber Fiber and one of Opal.

The yarn basket drawing is Friday so you have a few more days to donate (see the sidebar for links to our organizations' donation web pages) and email us at knittersforcritters at gmail dot com to get your tickets put into the hat! Each $25 donation gets you a ticket for the raffle. For the birds, it buys:

  • detergent to wash them
  • medical supplies for injuries
  • Toxiban medication for birds that have consumed oil while preening
  • gas for transportation to and from the rehab centers
  • overhead costs for the centers such as electricity and hot water
  • FISH!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

We're on our way...

Just a quick project update -- we've now raised $652.75 so far. The numbers are getting better and better!

$402.75 has come from our sales of ornaments so far. We are thankful to Christ Presbyterian Church in San Rafael and Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo for hosting our displays for ornaments, so we can continue that project beyond the walls of Marin Fiber Arts.

Check out the yarn basket -- because our generous knitters keep adding to the plenty!

The yarn basket drawing (see post below and info on the right) is less than two weeks away, and we have six contributions to date -- for a total of $250.00. We can do better!!!

Our thanks to podcasts Cast-On, Stash and Burn, and Sticks and String for their support. The knitting community is terrific!