Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitters Make the Connection

The Knit Nighters had a wonderful time at the Parade of Lights in San Rafael on Friday.

We had wonderful ornaments made by our great knitters, amazing support from Warren Agee of Marin Fiber Arts Yarn Store, who donated his booth to the fundraising for Knitters for Critters!


The day was about making connections of all kinds. There was the boy Carlos, who was intrigued by our ornaments and got his dad to donate so he could buy an ornament. I met a boy who had raised $125 at his birthday party for the oil spill clean-up, and there was a gaggle of teenage girls up from Daly City who each bought an ornament out of their Christmas money. Ann from Corte Madera came up to find us because she had just joined the Marin Fiber Arts Ravelry group.


Sandy helped out by providing the canopy and the folding tables for our booth!

Amazing knitter Judy showed a knitter how to do socks on circular needles, sewed up more ornaments than I can name, and was amazing in so many ways. Emily, who had volunteered for Wildcare, brought great handouts and gave out great info on what to do about the oil spill.


Thankfully, as it got dark, Allison showed up and brought little lights to put under our Christmas tree.


and we raised $350 so far!!!

Later tonight, we'll post the photo of the lovely yarn basket for the drawing!

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Braizyn said...

And bless Sandy for bringing the canopy! It was really fun.